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World Cancer Day 2020.

Common cancer cases in the UK

On average, there are 363,484 new cases of cancer in the UK, with more than half (53%) of these being breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer or bowel cancer.

Types of cancer claims 

Delayed diagnosis of cancer claims

The early diagnosis of cancer (at stages 1 or 2) is essential as it gives patients more effective treatment options and improves their chance of survival. Unfortunately, the delay in diagnosis is one of the most common claims made by those suffering from cancer. In 2017, around 115,000 cancer patients were diagnosed at too late a stage to give them the best chance of survival.* This means that nearly half of all cancers diagnosed, are already at an advanced stage, leaving patients with fewer treatment options and a less positive outcome.

Our expert medical negligence lawyers have over 35 years’ experience in handling such cases and have acted on behalf of many clients. Cases have included delay in lung cancer diagnosis failure to diagnose bowel cancer and a delay in diagnosis of breast cancer.

Misdiagnosis of cancer claims

The misdiagnosis of cancer can also have devastating effects for patients and their families, as it often leads to a delay in the relevant treatment or unnecessary treatment being carried out. Sara Westwood has previously acted on behalf of a client following the missed diagnosis of breast cancer which resulted in an 8-month delay is diagnosis and treatment, which has prejudiced her chance of a cure. Simon Bransby acted for a young single mother and sadly after she died, for her mother who had to bring her 2 young boys up on her own following her death, as a result of failure to diagnose her breast cancer soon enough.

Inadequate treatment of cancer

Inadequate treatment occurs when you do not receive an acceptable standard of care, either due to human error or a failure to prescribe the correct treatment. Sara Westwood has previously acted on behalf of a client, whose cancer diagnosis was misdiagnosed as benign. This subsequently lead to her requiring more invasive treatment 5 years later, with a less favourable prognosis.

Cancer claims case studies:

Making a claim

Our expert team provide sensitive and timely legal advice to people with mistreated cancer claims, contact us on 01603 877000 to see how we can help.

*Cancer Research UK

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