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Child Safety Week 2018 | Safe Children: Together we've got this!

Child Safety Week 2018 is an Annual Campaign run by the Child Accident Prevention Trust, the UK’s leading charity working to reduce the number of children and young people killed, disabled or seriously injured in accidents.

Accidents are a leading cause of death and serious injury for children and young people. On average 62 children under the age of five die because of an accident, and over 76,000 under the age of 14 are admitted for treatment following an accident each year.*

This year, Child Safety week will run from 4th – 10th June with the theme being, "Safe children: together we’ve got this!"

The theme is for parents, who can feel overwhelmed by the demands of family life, and for practitioners who work hard to protect children with the pressures of fewer staff and reduced resources.

We understand that accidents involving children can have a devastating effect on family life. During any case involving a child, we are sensitive to the needs of both the child and the parents/guardians.

If your child is injured in an accident because of someone else’s negligence, a parent or guardian can make a claim on the child’s behalf. The claim can be brought as soon as the accident happened or anytime up to the child’s 18th birthday. If a parent or guardian has not made a claim in this time, the individual can make their own claim up to three years after their 18th birthday.

If the claim is successful and an amount of compensation is agreed, the Court must approve the settlement. The Court rules that no settlement involving a child is valid without the Court’s approval. This means that Court proceedings must be issued, and the case is listed before a Judge at a County Court nearest to where the child lives.

The parent or guardian, child and their solicitor will attend the Hearing, which are generally quite short, private and informal. Once the settlement is approved and the party who has caused the accident has paid, the money will be invested until the child reaches 18, when it will be paid out to them.

We have experience of dealing with children’s accidents claims, including a claim against a school arising out of their negligent organisation of a PE lesson, and we are currently representing the family of Summer Grant, who was killed when the bouncy castle she was playing on was blown away.

If you think you may have a case, please do not hesitate to contact us - 01603 877000. *

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