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Campaign to raise awareness of botched cosmetic surgery procedures to be launched in May 2019.

It has been announced in recent weeks that the government is set to launch a new awareness campaign to improve the public’s understanding of the potential risks associated with botched cosmetic surgery.

The Department of Health and Social Care has confirmed to the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire Show that the campaign will be launched in May 2019, in response to the growing number of people receiving cosmetic procedures from unqualified professionals or committing to surgery without fully understanding the possible negative impacts which can be both physical and psychological.

The aim of the campaign will be to ensure that anyone thinking about cosmetic surgery, including increasingly popular procedures such as Botox and dermal fillers, takes the time to seek out the expert advice they need to make an informed choice, including checking if the surgeon is adequately insured.

Sara Westwood previously discussed this particular issue in a previous blog, which can be viewed here.

The campaign will also strive to reduce the number of cosmetic surgery procedures that go wrong.  Reducing the costs accrued by the NHS when providing corrective treatment and also the psychological injuries caused to patients following procedures that have gone wrong.

Cosmetic Surgery Claims

A claim against a cosmetic surgeon or nurse is no different to any other claim made against a medical professional. With the number of cosmetic surgery procedures carried out in the UK on the rise, as too are the number of medical negligence claims arising from botched treatment.

One reason for this, is the rise in Botox and dermal filler procedures being carried out by people with minimal or inadequate training, who set up cosmetic surgery practices and call themselves an ‘expert’.

A statement from the Department of Health and Social Care said: “Anyone considering a cosmetic procedure should take the time to find a reputable, safe and qualified practitioner, and make sure they understand the impact of any treatment on their physical and mental health.

“We’re working to improve the safety of cosmetic procedures, through better training and clear information so that people can make informed decisions about their care.”

Save Face the national register for professionals has welcomed the campaign, and say that today, men feel just as much pressure as women to undergo cosmetic procedures, with nearly 50% men aged between 18-30 ‘considering’ a cosmetic procedure.

Our expert team of lawyers at Morgan Jones Pett have years of experience in representing clients who have suffered either physically and/or psychologically following botched cosmetic surgery.
If you believe that you have a claim for negligence arising out of cosmetic surgery, get in touch with our expert team to see how we can help:, 01603 877000.

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