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Negligent delivery resulting in death of the baby

+ Medical Negligence
+ Sara Westwood
Sara Westwood

Mrs M was admitted to hospital, in labour, when just over 33 weeks into her 3rd pregnancy. This was considered to be a high risk pregnancy. She had been discharged only a few hours earlier after having been admitted 3 days previously as her waters had broken.

Monitoring of the baby’s heart had commenced very quickly following admission and less than 30 minutes later the heart trace was indicating the baby was struggling. A decision to perform a caesarean wasn’t however taken until about 22 minutes later and it was a further 82 minutes before the baby was actually delivered. Sadly Baby B was born in a very poor condition requiring nearly 15 minutes of resuscitation and significant intensive care.

Baby B passed away at only 10 months of age. He was struggling due to a serious infection which had developed in the placenta as a result of premature breaking of the Claimant’s waters. Unfortunately Mrs M hadn’t been given antibiotics which may have avoided, or at least reduced the effects of, the infection.

The claim was eventually settled through mediation in the amount of £40,000.00.

What the client says about Sara Westwood: "Nothing could tell you how grateful we are for you – you gave us justice for Baby B and for that no words are enough."


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