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Failure to perform an episiotomy during childbirth

+ Medical Negligence
+ Sara Westwood
Sara Westwood

The client suffered a 4th degree tear during the birth of her first baby.

The doctor delivering the baby should have performed an episiotomy (surgical cut) given he was using forceps and it was likely to be a difficult delivery as the baby was coming down the birth canal facing up rather than down. There was also a failure to control the head of the baby which came out suddenly and it was argued the 4th degree tear could have been avoided had an episiotomy been performed and the head been properly controlled.

The baby was fine but the client suffered very unpleasant and embarrassing symptoms as a result of the tear which are likely to be permanent. Her case was settled as a result of mediation.

"Now that everything has been completed, I wanted to share my gratitude for all your help and expertise across the last few years. You have done such a kind thing in looking after me……but more importantly you gave me a voice, one to be heard, in a room of....people. Thank you for giving me that strength and opportunity. You are a lovely person"

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